A shout out to our friends at the Warriors

 In About Men's Health Week

When it comes to organising Men’s Health Week with its emphasis on getting men to listen up and take care of themselves and their mates, we are always looking for those who can get the “cut through”, whose support will make others think.

To that end we owe the Vodafone Warriors a major debt of gratitude. There are huge pressures on professional sportspeople, so for some of our favourite NRL team stars to take the time out to spread the word, well, it left us speechless.

Thank you Blake Green, good bloke for an Aussie, and RTS you are as much a star off the field as on. And thank you both for using your voices to get the message through to men everywhere.

This year Men’s Health Week focused on mental health. Just as the government made it front and centre in the budget, we each have to do our bit to change the awful statistics around mental health and other health issues.

We need a level playing field in research, academics noting investigations into men’s health are a mere fraction of what we rightly commit to women’s health. It’s not a competition but we need to fight our own corners.

And we need to look after each other, to be there for each other, just like a team. So thank you again for continuing a grand tradition maintained for many years by your biggest fan Sir Peter the Mad Butcher (a MHW supporter since day one). It’s about sticking with something you believe in through good times and bad.

So Go the mighty Vodafone Warriors, and Go Men’s Health Week. And better, go do the check on the Men’s Health Week website (menshealthweek.co.nz)


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