Tips from the Masters #3

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Exercise off the job too

  • Lots of people who work a physical job think there’s no need to exercise outside of working hours. Wrong.
  • While your day job will burn more calories and build more muscles than someone who drives a desk, some regular exercise outside work will help you to stay fit and healthy. And you don’t have to be the first in the gym and last out. Exercise in moderation, and check out some variety like Pilates or swimming.
  • If you find yourself doing one particular exercise over and over, talk to someone in the gym and see if they can suggest a compensating exercise you could do.
  • Regular exercise is integral to keeping your health and body in tip top shape, and doing the correct exercises can:

* Increase muscular endurance (the ability for your muscles to resist fatigue)
* Increase your aerobic and functional capacity to complete daily tasks
* Reduce your likelihood of injury (i.e. lower back pain/disc)

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