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Breaking down the big health issues guys face

All of us will face health problems at some stage of our lives. The more we know about what these are, the better we can face up to them or better still, avoid them.

Too many Kiwi men die from PREVENTABLE illnesses, or just live crap lives then die much earlier than they should.

At Men’s Health Week we have two simple mantras: prevention is way better than a cure, and if we’ve missed the prevention train, then small steps can make a big difference.

This section features simple explanations of the big health problems we may encounter. The links take you deeper or to other info we rate.  The quizzes are useful too.

For a snapshot of just where you may be in your health admin, make sure you pop over and do What’s Your Score?    

Health information

Here’s the bad news guys

DID YOU KNOW… Every 90 minutes one New Zealander dies of heart disease. Or that every three hours, one Kiwi dies from a preventable illness


Mental Health

Mental health is something that men are getting better and better at talking about. There is a growing understanding that although mental health issues can be triggered by stresses in daily life, they are clinical diseases that often require outside help and medical treatment.


Testicular Cancer

The ball’s in your court! Testicular cancer is the most common cancer affecting men between the ages of 15 to 39, but also occurs in other age



Diabetes is New Zealand’s fastest-growing health crisis, affecting more than a quarter of a million people. The number of New Zealanders living with diabetes has